SAEVIO MILITARIS FABER – “To RAGE violently, in a precise MILITARY method, with MASTER skill.”

PTK-SMF™ is The Authentic Pekiti-Tirsia Kali system of Close-Quarters Combat Blade Fighting.

PTK-SMF distinguishes itself from all other martial art and self-defense training through its system of training Weaponry first, WEAPONS – EMPTY-HANDS – WEAPONS, the most time efficient and skill effective training methodology, and essential training and education in parallel Military Strategy, Tactics, and Techniques. This enables the student to learn and develop one strategic method of study, practice, and application of personal Security, Safety, and Fitness.

SYSTEM: (1) a group of interacting, interrelated, or interdependent elements forming a complex whole (2) an organized set of interrelated ideas or principles (3) an organized and coordinated method; a procedure.


The foundation strategy of Pekiti-Tirsia Kali is:

  1. Protection from all attacks.
  2. Destruction of opponent(s) weapons.
  3. Domination of any combat or self-defense situation.

– Strategic Footwork maneuvering that will enable you to Bridge, Attack, Quarter, and Neutralize your Opponent while Evading and Countering your Opponents’ Strikes and Attacks. EXECUTE TACTICAL FOOTWORK IN TRAINING, SPARRING AND COMBAT AND NEVER BE HIT.

– Proper execution of combat Blade Fighting Strategy, Tactics, and Techniques. COMBAT BLADE FIGHTING – NOT SPORT STICK FIGHTING.

– Complete Empty-Hands close-quarters combat skills to Preempt Attacks, Destroy an Opponents Guard and Entries, and Dominate an Adversary through the use of all natural weapons of the body. THE TOTALITY OF FIGHTING WITH LETHAL EMPTY-HANDS SKILLS.

Student Training in the PTK-SMF System is instructed progressively through three courses of qualification:

  1. Foundation Personal Protection Skills – Qualification in the Military PTK-CQC System Basic Course
  2. Fighter/Lakan Ranks (1-9) – Upon completion you are awarded KAWAL/Soldier Rank Qualification and progress to the Advanced Course.
  3. Advanced KAWAL/Soldier Rank Qualification
    Expert and Master KAWAL/Soldier are awarded upon completion of the required Weapon Systems for each Advanced Rank.