CPI Instructor Program

CPI (Certified Professional Instructor) Program – Personal Mastery and Professional Development

The CPI program is designed to support those seeking Mastery in the Authentic Pekiti-Tirsia Kali system. Whether as a practitioner or an Instructor, PTK-SMF will provide Authorized and Certified PTK-SMF Instructors with the resources and opportunities to deepen their knowledge, improve their skills, and build a PTK-SMF program to suit their goals.

Five core benefits

  • Exclusive PTK-SMF training with Tuhon Tim Waid
  • Multiple options for advanced Professional Certifications
  • Organized resource material / curricula to learn and teach effectively
  • A network to help build your PTK-SMF program and student base
  • Professional, ongoing assistance from the PTK Global Organization

Your membership includes:

  • Access to a unique, extensive Pekiti-Tirsia Kali system video archive
  • Monthly videos on PTK-SMF teaching and training methodology
  • Manuals and guides for in-depth study of the Authentic PTK system
  • 4 Major PTKGO Instructor Training Camps per year
  • Discounted rates to certify in specialized PTK-SMF programs
  • Resources to help your program or business grow
  • PTK-SMF brand assets, design templates, strategic marketing support

The Direct Path to Mastery of the Authentic PTK System

Whether you teach a handful of students, manage a PTK program at your school or train for personal mastery, the new CPI and Instructor Affiliate program from PTKGO delivers exceptional benefits to professionally enhance your training, teaching and business.

With updated assets and streamlined information for Instructors and exclusive access to PTK-SMF training opportunities, the CPI program is a dynamic resource designed to expand your capabilities, increase your knowledge and strengthen your expertise as a representative of the finest close quarter combat system available today.

TRAIN: Intelligent, Intense

Nothing replaces proper training. Develop, integrate and master the proven skill sets of PTK-SMF. Certify to offer specialized training to various clientele and students.

Features and benefits

  • PTK-SMF Instructor-Only Seminars and Camps – Intensive 3-day training camps in PTK-SMF combat tactics
  • Certification Courses for civilian and professional training programs – Training program offers that can be scaled to any audience

Experience and Integrate

Come train at (4) Instructor Camps per year with Tuhon Tim Waid and senior PTK-SMF Instructors and put your personal mastery of this combat system into overdrive. These will be some of the only opportunities to experience and integrate world-class combat training directly with Tuhon Tim, and at no additional cost to CPI members, these Camps come at a great value!

Continue your Education

Acquire Certification in training courses ranging from True Self-Defense and Concealed Carry Weapons (CCW) for civilians to Close Protection, Law Enforcement Officer (LEO) Defensive Tactics and Military Close Quarter Combat (CQC) for professionals. With one effective and scalable system, PTKGO offers its Instructors a multitude of programs and courses to market successfully to any potential student or client, capturing additional revenue streams and building a portfolio of professionally offered services.


CPI Members are trained in the full scope of the Authentic Pekiti-Tirsia Kali System of Combat Blade Fighting. PTK-SMF distinguishes itself from all other martial art and self-defense training through its system of training weaponry first, WEAPONS – EMPTY-HANDS – WEAPONS, the most time efficient and skill effective training methodology, and essential training and education in parallel military strategy, tactics, and techniques. This enables the student to learn and develop one strategic method of study, practice, and application of personal security, safety, and fitness.

TEACH: Study, Communicate

The best teachers are always learning. Study the system, reference the system, and communicate the system. Pursue greater proficiency in the art of teaching, and in deepening your understanding of the Authentic PTK System.

Features and benefits

  • The largest historical video archive of the PTK System – Research extensive archival footage for greater insight and knowledge
  • Reference Manuals for Instructors and their students – Organized, detailed outlines on the Authentic PTK System methodology
  • PTK-SMF Video library with Tuhon Tim Waid – Continually updated explanation and demonstration of advanced methods of PTK-SMF

Review and Reference

Review and reference the scope of PTK-SMF, the methodology of the Authentic PTK System with Instructor level manuals and supplemental materials to improve and amplify your technical background and teaching practice.

Observe and Learn

Access archival footage and a continually updated video textbook on PTK-SMF teaching and training methods. Watch, learn and benefit from both. Information that would take months or years to transfer can be exchanged in days or weeks. Footage includes:

  • Solo training methods and techniques for enhanced skill and attributes
  • Breakdown and application of all PTK-SMF combat drills
  • How to combine foundation and advanced methods for sparring
  • Instruction and methodology for all Authentic PTK weapon categories
  • Your questions addressed directly by Tuhon Tim, the source of PTK-SMF

BUILD: Brand, Offer and Grow

From small group to large, leverage the strength of the PTK-SMF brand. Utilize the professional model and standards of Tuhon Tim, along with marketing tools and support to attain the PTK-SMF program you envision for yourself. Replicate the best practices and procedures of successful programs to realize the goals you’ve set.

Features and benefits

  • Trademarked graphics pack, with supporting copy and imagery – The power of branding and imagery to boost visibility and validity
  • Affiliate manual and supplemental materials – Standards and guidelines for improved professionalism and success
  • Assistance and advice from industry leaders on operations and marketing – Practical steps to immediately improve all levels of operations

Brand and Build

Convenient access to all PTK-SMF logos, brand marks, imagery and text to leverage and promote your program. Connect with the growing global recognition of PTK-SMF as professional, effective and the premier source of realistic combat blade fighting strategies, tactics, training and knowledge. From t-shirts to banners, web copy to promotional flyers, CPI members have ready-made tools at their disposal to enhance the look and appeal of their PTK-SMF program.

Be Advised

Gain significant and applicable information and tools to build and develop a professional and profitable Martial Arts program. Our advisors are Senior Martial Arts Industry Consultants that will guide you through the step-by-step “HOW TO” of successful business operations for conducting Private Training Only, Group Classes, Full-Time schools, and Special Instructional Programs. Whether it’s advertising, marketing, promotion, or general operations, all levels of Instructors, training groups and schools will benefit from the experience and proven success of the CPI Program business advisors.